COMP 378/484—Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Instructor, time, & place

Conrad Weisert
Mondays 2:45 P.M. - 5:15 P.M.
Corboy 303

General Description

This course introduces the philosophy and practice of Artificial Intelligence with emphasis on techniques for:

The detailed schedule shows our week-by-week work.

Tools and programming languages

Assignments and project

Starting at the beginning, short assignments will verify your understanding of the concepts. Because our class meets just once a week, you'll always get at least two weeks for an assignment, so that you'll have an opportunity to ask questions after you've begun.

We may combine two of the assignments into a larger project.

Textbook and other reading

There is no required textbook for this course. Reading assignments will draw upon the wealth of information on the Internet and occasional handout material.

In order to conserve class time, you should study each session's assigned reading before that session and come to class prepared to ask questions about anything that you don't fully understand and agree with.


The final examination will cover the full course content, including major issues from the project and individual presentations.

A mid-term examination (just before the drop deadline) will confirm your mastery of the mainstream concepts discussed up that point.

I may give an occasional brief quiz at the beginning of class to verify your understanding of some important point raised in the previous session or in the assigned reading.


The usual criteria apply to this course.

The course grade will be determined from the following weights:
Final Examination 24 points
Mid-Term Examination 17 points
Homework and workshop exercises (7) 7 points each
Class participation and mini-quizzes10 points

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