COMP 320/420, Spring, 2018—Schedule

The details of this schedule may be adjusted during the course to reflect the backgrounds and interests of the students. Please recheck often.

Date Topic(s)
NOTE: The links below to presentation slides will be activated a day or two before the class session.
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Jan. 18 Course introduction
Role of the systems analyst
Historical survey of systems analysis methodologies
-What Ever Happened?
-"Analysis & Design" Harmful
1 -
Jan. 25 Specifying system outputs
Components of a structured system specification
Overview of diagramming tools
Specifying scope and context of a proposed new application
Examples of context diagrams using G&S symbols and using DeMarco symbols
- Foreword by DeMarco
- Chapters. 1.1 & 2.1
Specifying Output Requirements
2 -
Feb 1 Data item taxonomy
Abstract data types
Defining data items
Maintaining a data dictionary
-Defining Data Items
-Implicit Data Dictionaries
-Too many string data items
3 1
Feb.8 Tying it all together with multi-level dataflow diagrams
Specifying the system diagram
Robertson: Chapter 2.2 & 1.2
Dataflow diagramming
4 2
Feb. 15 Specifying system inputs
Specifying processes, algorithms, and decision rules
Specifying system inputs
Robertson: chapter 2.12
Specifying processes
Decision tables
- 3
Feb. 22 I-P-O diagrams
Gathering information from the users
Specifying constraints
Specifying constraints
Results Are the Primary Concern
5 -
Mar. 1 Data modeling and entity-relationship diagrams
Compiling the complete system specification
Assignment #3: sample solution
Robertson: Ch. 1.18 6 4
Mar. 15 Mid-term examination (~75 minutes)
Launching the major project—
- Project -
Mar. 22 Drop deadline: Last chance to withdraw without academic penalty.
(Graded mid-terms will be available.)
UML overview and recommendations
- --
Mar. 29 Good Friday holiday - - -
Apr. 5 "Agile" methods and "emergent specifications"
Continuing role of the Systems Analyst
  ch. 2.5, pp. 156-171
  ch. 2.6, pp. 180-187
The Untrainables
Agile methods & component re-use
- 5
Apr. 12 Use-Case documentation
User stories
Requirements Are not Discrete
Robertson: Ch. 2.7
7 6
Apr. 19 Modeling sequence: physical and logical Shortcuts for purchasing packaged application software
Extreme programming flaw
8 -
Apr. 26 The analyst's role in preparing the user organizations for the new system.
The analyst's role during final acceptance testing, installation, and start-up.
Course review (final exam preparation)
The Irrational Unified Process
Robertson: ch. 2.15
- 7*
May 3 Final Examination
- - 8

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