Conrad Weisert, part-time instructor

Loyola Office

NOTE: The Department is moving. My office and telephone extension will be assigned on or after August 21.

I plan to have regular office hours at WTC on Mondays (before class) and depending on students' preferences I may try to be available at LSC later in the week.


I shall have a Loyola extension when the permanent office is assigned,
Outside: (if urgent) (773) 736-9661


At Loyola:



Fall, 2017, Course COMP 477 / 377
I. T. Project Management

Spring, 2017, Course COMP 378
Intro. to Artificial Intelligence

Fall, 2016, Course COMP 370
Software Quality and Testing

Fall, 2015, Course COMP 320
Systems Analysis

Fall 2011 Course COMP 271
Data Structures

Last modified May 6, 2017