Computer Networks

COMP 343/443

Fall  2002



Instructor: Dr. Chandra N. Sekharan

Office: Rm. DH 308


Class Hours: Tuesday,  2:30 pm TO 5:10 pm


Course Description:  In this course you will learn about network hardware, packet switching, internetworking, and network applications.  The focus will be on foundations and not on specific commercial products. You will learn enough to be a network programmer but not a network technician.  All of your assignments and examinations have to be solely your own work.  Cheating in assignments or tests will result in drastic penalty of your grades.  Grades will be based on a combination of homework assignments, a midterm, and an in-class final examination.

Text:  Computer Networking by Kurose and Ross, Addison Wesley, 2001.

Topics: Chapters 1 through 6.  Chapters 7 and 8 may be covered depending on time available.

The instructor will provide notes and other materials online to the extent possible.  However, students are responsible for all the materials covered in class.  The course related information can be accessed via the URL:


Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated based on several assignments and projects, a midterm and the finals.  Late submissions of homework assignments or projects will result in penalty of points by 10% for each day.  Active classroom participation is expected.  No make-up examinations will be given unless due to reasons of sickness of the student or a close family member.


Grading:  Homework Assignments:                 40%

               Midterm:  (8th Oct, Tuesday)            25%

               Final Exam:                                       35%