Database Programming


Spring 2005



Instructor: Dr. Chandra N. Sekharan

Office: Rm. DH 308


Class Hours: 7 pm to 9:40 pm 


Text:  There is no single textbook that is available in the market that covers all of the topics in the course.  However, the following books are recommended.


  1. Oracle 9i Programming: A Primer by Rajshekhar Sunderraman published by Addison-Wesley, 2004.  $32.00 at

  2. Instructor Supplied Materials.


The instructor will provide notes and other materials online to the extent possible.  However, students are responsible for all the materials covered in class.  The course related information can be accessed via the URL:



Course Topics:  The course is expected to cover a wide variety of topics in Database Design, and Programming and Mining using Oracle 9i.  Due to the breadth of coverage, the course will focus only on the essentials.


1.     ER diagram

2.  Relational Model

3.  SQL, SQL * Plus

4. Oracle 10G introduction

5.  PL/SQL

6.  JDBC

7.  SQLJ

8.  XML Databases

9.  Data Mining + Data Warehousing

10.  Administration: Architecture, Managing an Oracle instance.


Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated based on several assignments and projects. 


Grading  Homework Assignments: 40%

               Midterm, Feb. 28th:    25%

               Comprehensive Final: 35%