Comp 102 – Web Site Design

 Instructor : Prof. Chandra N. Sekharan

Textbook :” HTML for the World Wide Web”, by Elizabeth Castro, 5th Edition, Peachpit Press, 2003.

Programming Environment : Simple editors on PC’s set up by the Information Technology department available on campus are adequate.

Campus Network, Rights and Responsibilities: As a user of the campus network, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities in  

Grading:  Attendance 10%;     Class Participation: 10%;    Presentation: 40%, Take Home Finals: 40%.  The quizzes are treated as homework assignments for grading purposes. I use the scale with the following minimum requirements: A 90 ;B+ 85; B 80 C+ ;75 C ;70 D+ ;65 ;D 60.

Academic Dishonesty : The penalty for cheating may be anywhere from a 0 on an assignment to a grade of "F" in this course. The appropriate dean will be informed in writing of any cheating incidents.

Cheating consists of, but is not limited to:

         Using or copying another person's work on an exam or assignment in any fashion. The person could be in this semester's class or a previous semester.

         Work includes outlines, pseudocode, code, documentation, test data, and analyses.

         Allowing your own work to be copied or used by another student

         Submitting as your own work something that has been written by another person

         Using any unauthorized reference on an exam or assignment

Any collaboration among students on program code or algorithms or on exams constitutes cheating for all of the students involved.